As filmmakers, focusing on the film itself should be your priority, that's where your passion lies.

I'm offering a free Music Supervision service to find the best possible music for your Media; that being for a scene, ad, end credits or even a full soundtrack. I have the skills needed to ensure your vision for any part of your Media reaches its full potential.


Music is incredibly powerful within Media, it connects the viewer, evoking strong emotions. As film students, you may not know what emotions can be evoked from certain music and how it can fit within your Media. This platform will remove the fees and legalities of licensing music from Record Labels. Through my Supervision and the library of music uploaded by student Artists & Composers, I will work with you to find the most effective piece for your concept.

My service allows you to spend your time perfecting what you know and I will work with you to Sync music that doesn't compete with your media but compliments its meaning.